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Our office is filled with all of the State of the Art Equipment.

View Treatment Area.

In each treatment room there are monitors for patients to view radiographs and watch movies, headphone connections for music and massagers in each of our dental chairs for patient relaxation.  There are also individual nitrous units in each room for patient comfort that are digitally controlled, as well as individual x-ray units in each room(so there is no moving from room to room) for radiographs.                

State Of The Art Equipment Used in Dental Lab and Sterilization Lab:

Distilled Water Maker

Due to our office being eco-friendly we use a water distiller to produce our own water instead of buying disposable gallon jugs, which reduces waste.

Triad 2000 Curing Light

In our office we use the Triad 2000 Curing Light to fabricate acrylic mouthguards, repair dentures, and to make custom trays for larger restorative cases. With this we are able to make and deliver acrylic appliances the same day in most cases.